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At LI Construction Professionals, we pride ourselves in our expertise on every aspect of construction. We are able to provide and cater to all your needs in every element of consulting, planning, management and or execution a project requires.

About LI Construction Professionals

At LI Construction Professionals, we pride ourselves on our expertise in every aspect of residential and commercial construction. We cater to designing,planning,execution of your plan and vision along with the ability to furnish the interior of your project. We truly are a one-stop shop. Our team of experienced contractors are geared to complete any size of a project professionally, efficiently and cost effectively. Our managers oversee the entire process to ensure nothing less than a perfect project is delivered along with Our interior designers who offer their services to complete the finished look of your home, office and business space. From start to finish, LI Construction Professionals provides an experienced and talented team of creators and executors to help build what you’ve always envisioned.


At LI Construction Professionals, we use top-tier professional materials, ensuring durability and aesthetic excellence in every project. Our commitment to quality extends from structural elements to the finest details, guaranteeing reliability and client satisfaction.


Our team at LI Construction Professionals consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals. From skilled contractors to dedicated project managers, we bring expertise to every aspect of your construction project. Trust our qualified professionals to deliver excellence, efficiency, and precision at every stage


At LI Construction Professionals, we leverage state-of-the-art heavy machinery to ensure the efficient and effective execution of projects. Our commitment to utilizing advanced equipment enhances the precision and productivity of our construction processes, allowing us to deliver high-quality results with reliability and speed.

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Our construction services

Preconstruction Planning

We plan out all aspects of the construction to ensure that our execution of each project is efficient and at budget. By starting and finishing each project with attention to detail, we guarantee client satisfaction.

Construction Management

Our experienced and knowledgeable contractors oversee the construction from start to finish, ensuring quality control and efficient time management. By closely monitoring every step of the construction process, we perfect every aspect for a flawless finish

Interior Design

Along with frame construction and finishings, we offer a full-service interior design experience for your home, office or business. Our expert stylists can design and furnish the inside of your home, office or office for a polished and cohesive look

Construction Management Projects

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Interior Design Projects

Interior Design and Staging

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